Chris Hopkins - Enterprise Social.pptx
Building enterprise social into your environment
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Dux Sy - Keynote.pdf
How to Inspire, Transform and Drive Purposeful Collaboration
32619 KB Wen HeHow to Inspire, Transform and Drive Purposeful Collaboration
Eric Overfield - SearchDrivenContentinSharePoint2013.pptx
Learn all about new search driven content strategies in SharePoint 2013, starting with add content, followed by display content throughout your SharePoint site and finishing with a look at refining your search results using query rules and result types
3080 KB Wen Hehttp://www.slideshare.net/eoverfield/the-2013-design-manager-from-html-to-sharepoint
Eric Overfield - The 2013 Design Manager - From HTML to SharePoint.html
The biggest change to Branding SharePoint with SharePoint 2013 is undoubtedly the Design Manager but how do you use it and how will it help? In this session we will open up Design Manager and see how it works
2 KB Wen Hehttp://www.slideshare.net/eoverfield/the-2013-design-manager-from-html-to-sharepoint
Wen He - SP App Skill JumpStart.pdf
JumpStart new technologies available for creating eye-catching apps: JavaScript, TypeScript, JQuery, OData, HTML5, MVC5, and WebAPI
1289 KB Wen He
Wen He - The Future of InfoPath and SharePoint Forms.pdf
The InfoPath and SharePoint Forms Roadmap and how to build intelligent and integrated forms for SharePoint using ASP JavaScript forms as an alternative to the traditional InfoPath.
884 KB Wen He